I want to eventually train as a solicitor and am thinking about taking a gap year between my A-Levels and university. What would be the best way to spend this time?

As you’ve probably guessed – there’s no ‘right’ answer to this question – only suggestions. Focus on using your time well, making the most of the opportunity. Some time out is a great way to build some skills, whether it’s learning a language or gaining industry exposure. Given the diversity of law, you can then recall your gap year experiences as evidence of ‘initiative’, ‘enthusiasm’, ‘teamwork’, ‘communication’, and all those other buzz words, which transfer across easily as valuable preparation for the life of a trainee solicitor.

Fellow colleagues have spent time working with charities in far-flung places; as ski-instructors on sunny slopes; as teaching assistants abroad; or monitoring environmental projects; or island hopping in the Far East. Even more local experiences – working in advice centres or in small businesses – offer the chance to develop communication skills and commercial awareness. Being able to demonstrate planning, time management and execution of your gap year in a productive manner will speak volumes about your personality. Most of all, enjoy it.

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