A&O corporate co-head’s wining bid

Elections are always fun at Allen & Overy (A&O). Take the recent senior partner contest between managing partner David Morley and co-corporate head Richard Cranfield.

Cranfield sent an email to his supporters asking them to lobby on his behalf in exchange for fine food and wine. He also managed to send it to the entire corporate team, embarrassing his would-be lobbyists in the process.

Chris Rushton was one of Cranfield’s supporters. He is also the global banking management partner, but his term runs out on 1 May. Finance partners Stephen Kensell and Andrew Trahair have now decided to run against him on a joint ticket. A&O claims there is only a “consultation process” for the role, but word is that Kensell and Trahair – firmly in the Morley camp – are a dead cert.

For the outcome of the “consultation process”, see story.