Transport 2000 uses partner to fight DBFO

Environmental pressure group Transport 2000 is using an article by Lovell White Durrant construction partner Nicholas Gould as ammunition in its war against roads which have been built under the Government's PFI scheme.

Transport 2000 objects to the Government's DBFO (Design Build Finance Operate) road schemes because they encourage private road builders and operators to generate traffic.

For proof, Transport 2000 points to the article by Nicholas Gould written in 1994 for Contract Journal, shortly before £455m-worth of road work was opened to private bidders.

Gould wrote: “Concessionaires [contractors] will have a direct interest in inducing traffic to use the road. They must influence surrounding road authorities (to put up signs to direct traffic towards the new road), developers (to site developments so that traffic will use the road), service providers (to ensure petrol stations, breakdown services, etc. are available) and the DoT (to avoid the construction of competing roads or modes of transport).”

Gould told The Lawyer: “The way the Government has set up DBFO schemes, contractors' income is dependent on the quantities of traffic that they generate.”