SIF and its mistakes

Like the Government, the Solicitors Indemnity Fund has abandoned the concept of accepting outright blame when things go wrong.

A shortfall of £248m paints a picture of solicitors' negligence and fraud, says the SIF. Clients are becoming more demanding in claiming compensation when they come across mistakes by their lawyers.

The SIF is right to point out these facts. But it is truly astonishing that it could miscalculate contributions to the tune of £248m. There seems to be one blunder after another in this organisation. Such a mistake will cause much hardship to many firms, none of whom will have budgeted for this nasty little shock.

And still the SIF sails on, setting up a review committee comprising SIF directors, to ask what went wrong. At the very least, it should include some external persons to review this sorry state of affairs. What action will be taken as a result of these errors? The profession deserves better than it is currently getting.