Litigation Writs 04/02/97

Barclays Bank is seeking damages from Smith Vincent and Co of Upton Newark, Nottinghamshire, for damages for breach of contract and negligence over inspection of land sites in Norfolk and Suffolk in October 1990. Barclays' writ says that, relying on the report received from Smith Vincent, it lent Minns Aggregate (Carbrook) £300,000 and increased its overdraft facility by £345,000 secured on the land.

Writ issued by Kramer, London WC1.

Steven Woodcock of Carnforth, Lancashire, has joined the list of CJD litigators and is suing the Medical Research Council and Secretary of State for Health for damages for personal injuries rising from their alleged negligence in causing the administration to him of human growth hormone between 1980 and 1985.

Writ issued by Jobling & Knape, Carnforth, Lancashire.

Europe Mortgage Co of Pendeford Business Park, Wobaston Road, Wolverhampton, is suing AST (Croydon), in liquidation, over a property survey at Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire, in February 1991. AST valued the property at £1.9m and Europe Mortgage lent the borrowers the sum of £1,435,956. The borrowers defaulted on the loan. Europe Mortgage, which repossessed the property, claims the valuation was excessive and incompetent. The writ claims that in February 1991 the property was worth only £1.25m and is currently worth only £750,000. It says its losses exceed £1m.

Writ issued by Llewelyn Zietman, London EC2.

A widow whose husband died in an incident on a Crawley playing field is taking Crawley Borough Council to the High Court. Maya Penn of Charlwood, Surrey, has issued a writ in which she blames the council for the death of her husband, Roy, on November 29 1994 at Willoughby Playing Fields, Crawley.

Writ issued by E Edwards Son and Noice, Ilford, Essex.

Royal Devon and Exeter Healthcare NHS Trust are being sued for alleged negligence over a two-year-old boy from Seaton, Devon, who is said to have suffered injuries when he was born at Heavitree Hospital, Exeter, on 20 June 1994. A writ, issued on Connor's behalf by his mother, Nicola, claims that Connor suffered personal injuries through negligence in the medical treatment provided to him during labour and birth.

Writ issued by Teacher Stern Selby, London WC1.