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A word about sustainability

It is perhaps better to consider Sustainability in business as a continuum. What does this mean?

Business and HR professionals must avoid getting things wrong when they are right

By Nick McEwen The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic crisis has brought with it the inevitable consequence of high levels of redundancies as organisation after organisation struggles to survive in the current economic climate. When a business finds itself in the unenviable position of having to make some of their employees redundant, HR professionals […]

Brexit: The final countdown to secure your workforce

By Tijen Ahmet In just 11 weeks, the UK is set to leave the EU, meaning now is the time for businesses to make any final preparations. On 31 December 2020, free movement will come to an end: a cause for concern for sectors such as construction, hospitality and leisure that rely on EU migrant […]

Why metadata matters in ediscovery

Metadata is data that summarizes other data. Every file saved on a computer includes some basic information about the file, enabling the computer’s operating system to be able to deal with it. The application in use (e.g., Microsoft Word) creates this behind-the-scenes information describing the information contained on a webpage, email, document, or electronic file. […]


Good name of whisky brought to court

Judgment is pending at the High Court in a case of significance to whisky distillers. Mr Justice Rattee has to decide when drink manufacturers are entitled to legally call their product ‘whisky’. The question has been raised because the Glen Kella distillery on the Isle of Man has been taken to court by the Scotch […]

Litigation Writs 04/03/97

The Monty Python movie The Life of Brian is at the centre of a legal row over claims that its distributors wrongly gave the film’s rights to Channel Four Television for 20 years. Python (Monty) Pictures, of London NW1, has issued a writ against Paragon Entertainment, of Toronto, and Channel Four Television, in which it […]

It is not a question of money

The Criminal legal aid system in the UK is the envy of the world. It guarantees to all accused who are alleged to have committed the most serious and appalling crimes, the services of the “stars” – the best criminal QCs. No other system in the world provides such high-quality representation free of charge. It […]

Sympathy for the devil you know so well

Feeling sorry for lawyers is an unusual concept, particularly as I understand that our popularity ranks on the same level as tax inspectors and traffic wardens. Indeed, in the US, bookstores are rapidly selling out of a slim volume entitled Lawyers and Other Reptiles, a further indication of the low esteem in which we are […]

Litigation Writs 04/02/97

Barclays Bank is seeking damages from Smith Vincent and Co of Upton Newark, Nottinghamshire, for damages for breach of contract and negligence over inspection of land sites in Norfolk and Suffolk in October 1990. Barclays’ writ says that, relying on the report received from Smith Vincent, it lent Minns Aggregate (Carbrook) £300,000 and increased its […]

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