BLA plans Regis complaint

The British Legal Association is poised to make an official complaint to the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors alleging mishandling of the Regis project.

As The Lawyer went to press it was understood that the BLA was finishing the complaint, expected to be filed this week.

It is also understood that it will pick out for censure the individuals who were connected with the project.

The complaint follows a series of damning reports on the society's Regis project, which is three years behind schedule and is costing around £7m more than expected.

A supplementary report on the project by deputy treasurer Robert Sayer, circulated to all Law Society council members in December, criticised named members of Law Society staff for failing to inform the president and council members of problems occurring with Regis.

But staff involved in Regis are adamant that the society's internal procedures were never breached, a fact which they say has been vindicated by various reports on Regis.

Alex Alagappa, chairman of the British Legal Association, who is understood to be behind the move to complain about the Law Society staff, sent an open letter to Law Society president Tony Girling last year, asking him “what disciplinary actions you propose to take against the officials who were responsible for this state of affairs”.