Celebrities – and Jeremy??

The offspring of celebrated lawyers are getting everywhere these days.

It’s fairly common knowledge in certain circles that Allen & Overy telecoms partner Chris Watson’s daughter Emma is none other than Hermione Grainger in the Harry Potter films. Another lawyer-progeny-turned-VIP crept out of the woodwork at last week’s Hot 100 party. Tulkinghorn, who was quietly going about his business working the floor, heard the stage whisper, “Oi, do you know who John Edwards’ (Herbert Smith partner) son is?” Tulkinghorn replied in the negative. “Only Jeremy Edwards,” came the answer.

Upon further interrogation, said son proved to be a D-list contestant, since failed, in something called Celebrity Big Brother. Further proof, perhaps, of the gulf in class between the magic circle and ‘other’ firms, but also highly peculiar. For Edwards senior is also a telecoms guru. What is it about these phone chaps? Tulkinghorn wonders. And are there any other comms-related glitzy relatives out there?