Warners in £200m Virgin Trains deal

City firm Warner Cranston has completed a £200m deal for Virgin Trains after taking the work from top firm Rowe & Maw.

It will be the first time the 21-partner firm has acted for the rail operator. Rowe & Maw was conflicted out because it acts for Swiss Air catering subsidiary Rail Gourmet, the other side in the outsourcing arrangement deal.

Virgin Trains expects to give more work to Warner Cranston in the future.

Director of service logistics at Virgin Trains Nick Hebborn says he has worked with Warner Cranston before on a big rail deal. “I was confident they could do the work. I would anticipate using them again,” he adds.

The deal is a 12-year outsourcing arrangement with Rail Gourmet for catering services and supplies.

Warner Cranston corporate partner Edward Miller says: “This is a new client for us and we are delighted.”