C&I Group establishes group for City bank lawyers

The Commerce & Industry (C&I) Group is ­setting up a sub-group aimed at providing support for London-based in-house banking lawyers.

The group is being set up in the wake of the financial crisis to provide a support, training and lobbying ­function for the C&I Group’s banking lawyers.

“There are many pressures on in-house counsel at banks in terms of headcount and budget. Banks are grappling with this every day against the backdrop of the crisis. This group will provide ­support and training that will be valuable,” explained David Kemp, vice-chair of the C&I Group’s London region.

The banking group is still in the early stage of ­development, but the C&I Group is aiming for it to be up and running by the last quarter of this year.

The C&I Group’s banking members total 412 in ­London, spread across 64 international institutions.