Dropout rate: the cause

Having read your recent article and letters concerning the dropout rate of trainee solicitors, may I offer an observation.

How many of those who drop out really wanted a career in the legal profession? How many of them showed commitment to the law by studying it at A level or as a first degree?

Is not the problem the fault of a profession that accepts trainees from any university discipline? Would it not be better for the profession to concentrate on students who demonstrate commitment to the law, rather than those hungry for the rewards of the City?

If the industry stopped accepting candidates with non-law degrees there would not be such a high demand for places.

I have just started out on the long road of legal practice. Given that the profession will need to reform due to the predicted decline in numbers, it would be nice to think that by the time I look for a training contract, I will not be in competition with somebody whose idea of the law has been based upon Kavanagh QC.

Robert J Roweth

Ruskin College