Your name's not down

Lovells' new offices have given Tulkinghorn more than a few reasons to smile of late. First there was a giant sculpture that was almost too big to fit in the atrium, then those vending machines with those, erm, condoms, in the loos – shocking business. And in the name of good reportage, Tulkinghorn has now taken it upon his good self to try to bring readers a weekly update on how things are bedding down. This week, he decided to investigate the new hospitality suite – very trendy by all accounts, with a strong oriental feel to the interior design. “Come over for a spot of lunch and see what you think,” said one of Tulkinghorn's pals from Lovells. But moments later he rang back with disappointing news. “Sorry old boy, the new client entertainment rooms are fully booked, we'll have to eat out,” his friend told him, which left Tulkinghorn wondering just how high up the A-list you have to be to get a table these days. Anyone would think it was The Ivy.