Hair today, gone tomorrow

Tulkinghorn has once again heard rumours about law firms and Sex and the City – but this time it has nothing to do with Clifford Chance. Apparently, Leamington firm Withers & Rogers is protecting the lovely, albeit synthetic, locks of Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker. Parker is one of a number of stars, including EastEnders' Letitia Dean and Gillian Anderson from The X Files, who use a unique variety of synthetic hair extensions produced by Southam company Racoon International. Withers & Rogers, a firm of patent and trademark lawyers, has been chosen by Racoon to protect the lovely locks. Tulkinghorn hopes that any Withers & Rogers lawyers reading this article might be able to send a sample of the product – Mrs Tulkinghorn has been rather harsh of late about the reclining nature of Tulkinghorn's hairline.