Mills & Reeve wants Brummie money

Mills & Reeve wants Brummie money” />As reported on page 11, Mills & Reeve managing partner Mark Jeffries has become senior partner and head of Birmingham Guy Hinchley has taken over as managing partner.

Hinchley was quick to deny any shift in the balance of power at the firm as any expert diplomat would, but when Hinchley took over Birmingham in 2001 the total partnership numbered 57, of whom just seven were in the Midlands. Fast-forward five years and, while the partner numbers have increased to 78, a rise of 36 per cent, inEngland’s second city they have more than doubled to 15.

Firm turnover, meanwhile, increased from £27.3m to £49.1m, a 79 per cent increase, while in Birmingham it has quadrupled.

Jeffries himself has been talking about Birmingham being a focus for quite some time and the firm has begun getting quite tetchy recently about the phrase ‘Norwich-based’ as a description. It seems that the heart of England could well now be at the heart of Mills & Reeve.Get the latest news and an irreverent commentary delivered to your desktop every Wednesday by subscribing to Lawyer News Weekly.

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