Rittershaus and Keiper merge

Mannheim firm Rittershaus Wissmann & von Rosentiel is to take the unusual step of merging with an accountancy and tax consultancy firm instead of joining an international network.

The merger with Keiper Botzke Berger and Berizzi aims to create a one-stop shop for mittelstand (medium-sized) clients. It is also seen as a step designed to boost recruitment.

The new 13-partner firm Rittershaus Keiper will become operational in January and will comprise 30 lawyers, 11 tax advisers and five accountants. Gerald Rittershaus will become senior partner with Ernstlothar Keiper.

Rittershaus says: “A large number of medium-sized firms have joined large international networks. We believe that much of a firm’s identity is lost in such a move, so we’ve gone our own way. Our goal is not necessarily physical growth but a controlled expansion of services.”