Travellers' advice line moves forward

CARDIFF Law School has launched an innovative telephone service to provide legal advice for gypsy and new age travellers.

The pilot is funded by the Law School and a national charity which wishes to remain anonymous but which works to provide access to justice.

It aims to offer user-friendly frontline legal advice to travellers. Project co-ordinators are building up a national network of specialist legal advisers available to travellers throughout England and Wales and welcome calls from law firms which are interested.

Two firms which already specialise in traveller-related problems are Bobbetts McCann in Bristol, and Hereford-based firm Thorpes Solicitors. Thorpes partner Luke Clements is consultant to the travellers' telephone project.

Cardiff Gypsy Sites Group estimates that about 50 per cent of roadside travellers operate mobile phones. Those who do not, have increased access to site telephones. The project can be contacted on 01222 874580.