I take issue with Arnold Rosen's allegation in Viewpoint on 24 October that I have been disloyal to the Law Society, to the profession and to the public interest.

His allegation is inaccurate, scurrilous and unworthy. It is possibly predictable in view of his track record as a biased and mudslinging critic of the SCB.

I did not complain to The Guardian that I "was muzzled for speaking against dishonest solicitors and Green Forms." I repeated the view of the Adjudication & Appeals Committee, and the widely-publicised report to the Law Society's Council of the Policy Advisory Committee Chairman, that we were prevented from responding adequately to the NCC Report. That report, flawed and faulty as it was (in the president's opinion as well as my own), was used as a stick to beat us because it was not shot down in flames publicly.

It is too much to expect Mr Rosen to apologise for failing to distinguish fact from fiction. However, whenever he writes or solicits support for his views on so-called "reform", this should be borne in mind.

Mrs Veronica Lowe


Solicitor's Complaints Bureau

Leamington Spa