Merriam v Paris Construction and Peter Howlett – QBD 10 October 199Claimant: Mark Merriam, 3Accident: Plaintiff, 28 at time of accident, injured in 1987 road crash

Injuries: Serious head injury consisting of depressed fracture of frontal bones of skull causing intercerebral haemorrhages – marked persisting neurological deficit including severe memory disturbance. Plaintiff has had to give up job as self-employed chimney sweep and now needs high degree of supervision although he can carry out some tasks for himself.

Award: Agreed damages of £375,000

Judge: Mrs Justice Smith

Plaintiff's solicitors: Cowan & Wood, Dorking

Defendant's solicitors: Bunker & Co, Hove

Charalambides v Gilbert and Thames Valley – QBD 9 October 199Claimant: Antonious Charalambides, 19, suing through father, Andreas

Accident: Failure of hospital authorities to diagnose tumour

Injuries: Plaintiff, who was keen on sport, suffered severe pain in legs followed by severe headache in 1985 which was diagnosed as viral infection. Symptoms disappeared but recurred in September 1985 and December 1986 – at one stage he was treated for constipation and investigations were carried out for appendicitis – however it is claimed that if proper diagnosis had been carried out it would have been recognised he was suffering from spinal tumour known as astrocytona. Because of delay in treatment he needs a stick to walk for some of the time, is unable to walk more than 600 yards, sometimes needs crutches or a wheelchair and is unlikely to walk properly again.

Award: Agreed damages of £188,8Judge: Judge Fawcus

Plaintiff's solicitors: Boyes Turner & Burrows

Defendant's solicitors: Le Brasseur Tickle/Berrymans

Datu v Redbridge Health Authority – QBD 9 October 199Claimant: Rommel Datu

Accident: Medical negligence by health authority

Injuries: Plaintiff admitted to King George Hospital, Ilford, suffering from pressure deafness in right ear. As a result of negligent treatment he suffered bilateral inner ear deafness and suffers from tinnitus. He is now unable to continue with his work as a male nurse.

Award: Agreed damages of £270,000

Judge: Mr Justice May

Plaintiff's solicitors : Kennards

Defendant's solicitors: Beachcroft Stanleys