Litigation Writs 12/5/97

Peter Matthews, trading as South East Demolition Contractors of Folkestone, is taking property developer Corniche Estates of London W1 to the High Court, seeking damages for alleged breach of agreement. His writ alleges that it was agreed in January 1997 that his company would demolish buildings, including the Territorial Army Centre and three houses on a site in Hythe, Kent. Matthews was to pay £1,500 and under the deal the property in the salvageable materials would pass to him. The writ says no time limit was put on the project and that he would be entitled to recover as much material as possible. But it is claimed that Corniche entered the site on 20 March and demolished part of the building which was still intact, denied Matthews and his employees access to the site, and has prevented them from removing and salvaging materials. The writ says Corniche has removed or destroyed the materials, and that Matthews' company has suffered losses and damages totalling £47,568.

Writ issued by Bazley White & Co, London W1.

British Gas Trading is being sued in the High Court for more than £174,000, in respect of the cost of supplying temporary workers. Office Angels has issued a High Court writ claiming £174,970 from British Gas, along with interest of £1,994 and continuing interest of £38.34 a day. The writ alleges that the company supplied British Gas with temporary workers as customer service staff at its offices in Thames Tower, Leicester, and De Montfort Street, Leicester, from late 1996, and that the fees are due in respect of this service.

Writ issued by Landau & Landau, London W1.

Europe Mortgage Co of Wolverhampton claims it was misled over the value of a manor house. Its writ says it was told the property was worth £950,000 in its unrepaired state and that when refurbished it would be worth £1.25m. But it claims valuations by Royal Life Estates and Gribble Booth & Taylor were excessive. The property was re-possessed in October 1995 and it is claimed that its true value after refurbishment would have been £700,000, leaving Europe Mortgage Co with £550,000 less security than anticipated. At the time of repossession £1,167,680, was owing and the property is said to have been worth £475,000.

Writ issued by Llewelyn Zietman, London.