Tulkinghorn: Scraping the barrel

A letter in the post last week proclaimed the 10th anniversary of Leeds firm Michael Lewin.

As regular readers know, ­Tulkinghorn enjoys a tipple and was disappointed not to have been invited to celebrate the firm’s birthday.

Relief set in, however, when he perused the snaps taken at the party. It appears the firm has taken to sacrificing its lawyers by putting them in a barrel and threat­ening to set fire to them.

Tulkinghorn understands that US-style motivational manage­ment techniques are popular, but this is a new low.

Free walking

Teetering home on two wheels down Chancery Lane a few weeks ago, Tulkinghorn became aware of being followed. The trickle of ­footsteps turned into a tide until the great man found he was ­inadvertently involved in the ­London Legal sponsored walk.

With more than 5,000 people involved in helping to raise £500,000 for free legal advice centres in London, Tulkinghorn was sad not to have taken part in the event in a more official capacity.

Crossed wires on party line

Around this time of year things start to get a bit blurry for Tulkinghorn, because, admittedly, he may have overindulged in the latest round of silk ­parties by quaffing too much champagne.

An apology is thus due to 11KBW, who were not Tulkinghorn’s hosts at the infamous silk party in Euston a few weeks ago.

You may recall the tale of raucous celebration, where two newly appointed silks were ejected after they drank the bar dry. The blame was planted on 11KBW in haste – and with a touch of a hangover, one must admit.

That accolade should, in fact, go to Monckton Chambers, which ­celebrated the elevation of three new silks this year.

Tulkinghorn will keep quiet about which two found themselves out on their ears, but you can guess.

Silent partner

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed certain omissions from last week’s Work-Life Quiz.

Interviewee Tony ­Woodcock, head of ­regulatory litigation at Stephenson Harwood, was overcome by a sudden bout of coyness and refused to talk about his work or school history.

Whatever could have been the matter? Did he attend spy school or ­possibly even Hogwarts (that’s Harry Potter’s school, for those of you lucky enough to have remained ignorant of the phenomenon)? Is he perhaps some kind of Count of Monte Cristo, working his way to the top of the legal ­profession under an assumed ­identity as part of an ­elaborate revenge scheme?

Tulkinghorn certainly hopes so. We haven’t had a decent ­scandal in the legal ­profession since… er… two weeks ago.


Sometimes it’s possible for even the elite to find amusement in the most childish things. Thus it was that ­Tulkinghorn, picking ­pictures for this week’s In-house Interview with UK Anti-Doping’s Graham Arthur – a sterling chap doing sterling work – found himself giggling in a most immature manner at the results of the photoshoot (pictured). (It should be mentioned that UKAD’s headquarters are on Cockspur Street.)