Litigation Personal Injury 31/03/98

Buckingham v Chapman QBD 21 November 1998

Claimant: Peter Buckingham, 4Incident: Road traffic accident

Injuries: Before the accident, claimant, an £80,000-a-year civil engineer, was regarded as "happy, energetic and easy-going". As a result of the accident, he will require the supervision of others for the rest of his life. Judge said he no longer makes a contribution to the household, but can carry out tasks such as making coffee. He can occupy himself with simple tasks on a computer but not sufficiently to be employed

Award: £1,237,36Judge: Mr Justice Eady

Plaintiff's counsel: Alexander Dawson

Plaintiff's solicitor: Moore & Blatch, Southampton

Faulkner v National Power QBD 6 February 1998

Claimant: Thomas Faulkner, 52

Incident: Asbestosis

Injuries: Claimant worked for defendant from 1962 to 1983. He has now contracted malignant mesothelioma and death is said to be imminent. Disease likely to have been caused by exposure to asbestos dust. Liability conceded by defendant but quantum contested initially. Initial dispute centred on level of profits plaintiff could have expected to make from business running a bridal gown business but for his illness

Award: £200,000 (agreed damages)

Judge: His Honour Judge Tibber

Plaintiff's counsel: Frank Burton

Plaintiff's solicitor: Thompsons

Ashcroft v British Rail Maintenance QBD 23 February 1998

Claimant: Graham James Ashcroft, 3Incident: Asbestos-related death

Injuries: Claimant died following mesothelioma after working for defendant and coming into contact with asbestos between 1973 and 1980. Widow claims defendant was negligent and/or in breach of statutory duty by failing to provide circulation of air and respiratory protection systems. Alleged it failed, contrary to s4 of the Factories Act 1961. Defendant made no admissions and contended it had a proper system

Award: £125,999

Judge: His Honour Judge Conningsby

Plaintiff's counsel: Frank Burton

Plaintiff's solicitor: Rowley Ashworth