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Everyone knows that you can walk into any bar in the US and instantly become a welcome member of the family. Like Cheers, where everybody knows your name.

Apart from you can’t. Not in Boise, Idaho anyway. If you’re a lawyer, you can have a look online at the menu of the No Lawyers Bar & Grill (http://no-lawyers.com), but it’s probably not advisable to actually go into the establishment.

The lawyer theme runs throughout the menu. For example, the chips are called lawyer fries: “You know that lawyers don’t have any! Some people call them Rocky Mtn, Oysters or Bull Fries. We lovingly call them lawyer fries. Served with hot mustard. $8.95.”

The website boasts that the No Lawyers Bar came first in local paper Idaho Statesman’s search for the best neighbourhood bar in the state.

Makes you wonder what the atmosphere is like in the bars that didn’t win. Practising family law sounds a bit like being an extra on EastEnders, what with all the shouting and punch-ups.

So family lawyer JacquiG set up blog ‘Bloody Relations’ (http://bloodyrelations. blogspot.com) just to emphasise that point, describing it thus: “Where there’s a relative there’s a bloody good argument to be had. This blog is about UK family law.”

But Jacqui casts a cynical eye over the family law scene, kicking the blog off with a joke: “What’s the difference between God and a Family Court Judge? God doesn’t think he’s a Family Court Judge.”

There goes her litigation practice.