Hostile reception

Tulkinghorn wonders whether Rosenblatt Solicitors is adopting a new, more aggressive
Which magic circle partner put the firm’s position on pro bono into perspective with his comment, “Who cares who wins this one?” as the nominations for the award were announced? approach to lawyering. Tulkinghorn has always looked forward to paying a visit to the firm’s offices and sometimes even pops in unannounced.
The reason was the splendid facilities in its reception, and in particular the pool table. A relaxing game of pool was often just the thing to reflect the client-friendly nature of the firm.
Things, though, have changed. The pool table has gone and in its place is a punch bag, complete with helmet and gloves. Tulkinghorn is not sure whether this is a) intended for clients to let off steam, b) to reflect a more aggressive approach to its lawyering, or c) simply part of the legal profession’s growing fascination for boxing.
Still, if you’re tempted, freshen up with the Jo Malone scent in the meeting room (Mrs Tulkinghorn says it’s fancy), which apparently smells of white hyacinth. How dandy.
Which fragrant senior partner from a top City firm showcased his crooning skills by serenading a journalist from The Lawyer with the pick of his S Club collection?