This book provides a unique, detailed and comprehensive guide to the role of the legal professions throughout the European Union at a time when increasing attention is being focused on international practice.

It consists of a series of chapters specially commissioned from leading practitioners in individual member states. It is highly readable and easy to cross-reference because it is divided into easily manageable and consistent sections.

It covers the EU as a whole as well as the individual member states and, to a lesser extent, the US, and discusses a variety of fundamental aspects. These include entry to the profession, monopoly rights, the structure of the court system, rules of professional conduct, disciplinary issues and privilege, fees and professional liability insurance.

Each of these aspects is examined in enough detail to give the reader a good basic understanding of the general framework and issues involved.

The book is well-documented and presents in-depth and practical information on the internal workings of the legal professions of each member state. There is also an excellent "how-to" guide for foreign lawyers wishing to practise in individual jurisdictions.

This is a useful and interesting source of reference for practitioners dealing with other legal professions and legal systems throughout the new Europe.