Notts Law Soc leaflets warn against cheap advice

Nottinghamshire Law Society has published a leaflet urging people to consult qualified solicitors in a bid to hit back at advertisements for low-cost legal advice.

The leaflet, titled “Don't take chances, get the best advice”, is part of its public awareness campaign to warn of the risks of opting for cheap legal advice advertised by unqualified firms and claims assessors.

The society, which represents more than 800 solicitors, believes people are attracted to these quasi-legal firms in the mistaken belief that they can save money and are unaware of the risks involved, including loss of entitlement to legal aid.

President Rupert Bear, senior partner at Rupert Bear Murray Davies, said: “We want people to realise the benefits of using a properly qualified solicitor.”

The leaflet is available from job centres, Citizens Advice Bureaux and advice groups.