Unfair trial where defendant is forced to incriminate himself

Ernest Saunders v The United Kingdom, Application No 19187/91 (1994)

Court: ECHR (R Bernhardt, President and Judges Thor Vilhjalmsson, F Golcuklu, L-E Pettiti, B Walsh, A Spielmann, J De Meyer, N Valticos, SK Martens, E Palm, R Pekkanen, AN Loizou, JM Morenilla, Sir John Freeland, L Wildhaber, G Mifsud Bonnici, J Makarczyk, D Gotchev, B Repik and P Kuris) 17/12/96

Summary: Admission in a criminal trial of statements made by the accused under the threat of imprisonment if he remained silent constituted a violation of art.6(1) of the European Convention on Human Rights and rendered the accused's trial unfair.

Following upon the report on the merits of the claim.