Litigation Disciplinary Tribunals 07/01/97

Bayezia Djemal, 44, admitted 1977, practised as Chas E Roberts & Boyce, London N10, struck off and ordered to pay £3,054 costs. Allegations substantiated he wrongly drew client money and used it for his own purposes. Tribunal told that as a result of Djemal's activities the Law Society Compensation Fund had paid out £120,924 and further claims of £2,184 were pending. Tribunal said he had taken money to keep his practice afloat and had acted dishonestly to his clients even if he had intended to repay the money.

David Edward Gervaise-Jones, 44, admitted 1957, practised as Gervaise-Jones & Sons, Edgware, struck off and ordered to pay £2,720 costs. Allegations substantiated he drew and used client money for his own purposes, improperly paid money that was the subject of a controlled trust in to his office account, and rendered false and misleading accounts to beneficiaries. Tribunal told that Law Society investigation accountant discovered minimum cash shortage on firm's books of £43,173 in respect of misappropriation of client funds and £13,876 in respect of improper transfers from client to office bank account. Tribunal said that, even if Gervaise-Jones had not stolen client money, he had acted dishonestly. Unauthorised borrowing was a blatant misuse of such monies and amounted to serious breach of the trust a client was entitled to place in a solicitor.

Christopher John Miller, 38, admitted 1982, practised as Millers, London SE26, suspended indefinitely and ordered to pay £712 costs. Allegations substantiated he failed to deliver accountants reports in time. Tribunal told that in addition to failing to comply with accounting rules, Miller had also been in breach of condition on his practising certificate. Tribunal said it would be unlikely to consider any application to lift the suspension until Miller could demonstrate that he had put his house in order.