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THE GROUP which has been campaigning for the reform of the Dangerous Dogs Act is looking for an MP to sponsor a private member's bill to change the law.

The move by the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 Reform Group follows last month's publication of a Home Affairs Select Committee report which makes a series of recommendations on relaxing parts of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, including ending the mandatory death sentence on dogs covered by the Act.

Worthing solicitor Trevor Cooper, who is a member of the group and helped save the pit bull terrier Dempsey from being destroyed, said that the select committee had recommended everything the group asked for.

But he revealed his group was already looking to promote a private member's bill in anticipation of Government inaction on the issue.

“The Government has made it quite clear that it does not intend to reform the legislation,” said cooper. “But the Committee is a highly revered body and a government that ignores it does so at its peril.”