Bog squatter

Tulkinghorn was recently called in for an emergency summit with Herbert Smith finance partner Clive Barnard, having pointed out a couple of weeks ago that he turned up to The Lawyer Awards dressed in his gardening gear.

Now, maybe Barnard felt he’d been caused offence and just wanted to get his own back, but as Tulkinghorn went to sit down at Barnard’s desk, he was shocked to discover the lack of a suitable seat. After an embarrassing moment or two, Tulkinghorn realised that the toilet perched near Barnard’s desk was indeed to be his chair for the duration of the meeting.

A quick discussion with some Herbies insiders later shed light on the situation: seemingly the prankster had stolen the porcelain throne when his floor was being redecorated, finding that the solutions to complex debt financings come easier when his colleagues are sitting on the pan.

Let’s just hope no clients ever have to pay him a visit.