Law Society of Scotland to review legal training

The Law Society of Scotland is launching an extensive review of legal training and is seeking views from every part of the profession, including students.

The society is reviewing all stages of training, including the LLB and the Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

A public consultation on the diploma is to start shortly, following recommendations to be made by a working group which concludes its work this month.

The review of the LLB is at an earlier stage. Having asked the examining board and the 10 course providers for their thoughts, a group is working to collate responses. The issues will then be put out to the profession for consultation, including law firms, course providers and students.

Neil Stevenson, deputy director for education and training at the Law Society of Scotland, told Lawyer 2B: “At this point all the projects are based on getting as much feedback as possible.”

Stevenson said the review was driven by a need to examine the current status of legal training rather than a desire to push through reforms.

“There’s going to be a greater focus on outcome settlements and assessment methods. The aim is that it should increase flexibility as well as bring a little more innovation,” said Stevenson.

“We’re interested in getting the students’ views on it as well,” he added.

Any recommendations will have to be voted on by the society’s council before becoming policy, and it is unlikely that any changes will be made before summer 2007.