Bevan Brittan bulks up training scheme

Bristol-based Bevan Brittan has overhauled its training programme for trainees, assistants and associates following the appointment of a new training and development manager.

The new programme, named ‘Development Tracks’, gives lawyers a defined ‘route map’ of their career development for every 12-month period of their training and has already been commended by the Law Society.

Training and development manager Mike Hazell, who joined Bevan Brittan from a mobile telecoms company last October, told Lawyer 2B: “When I came to the firm I noticed that the training was rather ad hoc. There was a lack of strategic direction and attendance on courses was patchy.”

Since then, Hazell has introduced the Development Tracks programme, which splits training into three main sections: a formal induction programme for trainees; a professional skills course; and electives linked to Law Society requirements and ongoing knowledge and development. Lawyers on the programme also attend workshops on advocacy, client care skills and financial and business skills.

Hazell explained: “I wanted to take a more commercial view of training. We’ve made it much more compelling by linking the training to lawyers’ strategic development and we’ve seen a dramatic rise in turnover.”