A&O moves data centre outside capital

Allen & Overy

(A&O) has spent £5.5m outsourcing its IT infrastructure to ensure the safety of its technology systems.

The magic circle firm has signed a five-year contract with Savvis, which will house its data centre outside London while A&O remains responsible for its day-to-day running.

Chief information officer Dave Burwell told The Lawyer: “The firm decided to outsource its data centre following its decision to move into a new building at Bishops Square. The new arrangements protect A&O’s IT system from any potential interuption, such as terrorist activity.”

However, the firm will now transfer its disaster recovery data centre to the new office from its current home in Vauxhall.

The data centre move should be completed by April, with A&O taking steps to ensure that there is no interuption to its IT system during the change

A&O is no stranger to outsourcing. Two years ago, it outsourced its document production work to China. It has also passed on some its IT testing to a third party.