QC's '97: This year's silk crop


Brick Court Chambers (Christopher Clarke QC): Andrew Popplewell, George Leggatt, Stephen Ruttle

Monckton Chambers (Richard Fowler QC): Peter Roth, Nicholas Paines, Christopher Vajda

Devereux Chambers (Peter Weitzman QC): Robert Glancy, David Bean

Essex Court Chambers (Gordon Pollock QC): Andrew Hochhauser, Peter Joseph Duffy

Falcon Chambers (Jonathan Gaunt QC and Kim Lewison QC): Jonathan Brock, Nicholas Dowding

11 King's Bench Walk (Lord Irvine of Lairg QC): Alistair McGregor, Christopher Jeans

Littleton Chambers (Michael Burton QC): Clive Freedman, Andrew Clarke

4 Pump Court (Bruce Mauleverer QC): Michael Douglas, Lindsay Boswell

Queen Elizabeth Building Hollis Whiteman Chambers (David Jeffreys QC and Peter Whiteman QC): David Calvert-Smith, Peter Clarke

1 Atkin Building (Anthony Butcher QC): Andrew White

29 Bedford Row Chambers (Evan Stone QC): Peter Ralls

4 Breams Buildings (Christopher Lockhart-Mummery QC): David Holgate

1 Crown Office Row (Robert J Seabrook QC): Sally Smith

Doughty Street Chambers (Geoffrey Robertson QC): Stephen Irwin

Erskine Chambers (Richard Sykes QC): Michael Todd

1 Essex Court (Anthony Grabiner QC): Jeffrey Gruder

20 Essex Street (Kenneth Rokison QC): Nicholas Hamblen

Farrar's Building (Lord Williams of Mostyn QC): William Norris

4 Field Court (Geoffrey Brice QC):Lionel Persey

Furnival Chambers (Andrew Mitchell): Sally O'Neill

2 Garden Court (Owen Davies, Ian Macdonald QC): Kenneth Macdonald

Gray's Inn Chambers (Milton Grundy): John Walters

3 Gray's Inn Square (Rock Tansey QC): Steven Kay

2 Harcourt Buildings (Nigel Mylne QC ): John Bevan

3 Hare Court (William Clegg QC) Nigel Lithman

5 King's Bench Walk (David Cocks QC): Nigel Peters

7 King's Bench Walk (Adrian Hamilton QC): Dominic Kendrick

12 King's Bench Walk (Ronald Walker QC): Richard Methuen

1 Mitre Court Buildings (Paul Focke QC ): Nicholas Mostyn

New Court Chambers (George Carman QC): Peter Susman

8 New Square (Michael Fysh QC): Dr Mary Vitoria

9 Old Square (Robert Reid QC): David Hodge

11 Old Square (Grant Crawford and Jonathan Simpkiss): Malcolm Waters

1 Paper Buildings (John Slater QC): Richard Hone

4 Paper Buildings (Lionel Swift QC): Jonathan Cohen

1 Plowden Buildings (William Lowe QC): William Lowe

1 Raymond Buildings (Christopher Morcom QC): Roger Wyand

5 Stone Buildings (Henry Harrod): Alastair Norris

199 Strand (Robin Stewart QC): David Phillips

2 Temple Gardens (Patrick Phillips QC): Jeremy Stuart-Smith

3 Verulam Buildings (Neville Thomas QC): Gregory Mitchell

Wilberforce Chambers (Edward Nugee QC): Brian Green


5 Fountain Court (Anthony Barker QC): William Wood


Albion Chambers (Charles Barton QC): Neil Ford


6 Park Square (Shaun Spencer QC): James Goss

25 Park Square (John Muir): Geoffrey Marson


Exchange Chambers (William Waldron QC): Richard Isaacson, Edward Bartley Jones

The Chambers of Adrian Lyon (Adrian Lyon): Andrew Edis

The Corn Exchange Chambers (David Steer QC and Iain Goldrein): Iain Goldrein


Chambers of John Hand QC (John Hand QC): Timothy Horlock

Deans Court Chambers (Keith Goddard QC): David Fish

8 King Street Chambers (Keith Armitage QC): Ernest Ryder

Lincoln House Chambers (Mukhtar Hussein QC): Gaias Gozem


12 Paradise Square (Roger Keen QC): Annabel Walker