Litigation Writs 01/04/97

A woman from Winslow in Buckinghamshire is being taken to the High Court in a dispute over a will. Timothy Trusted, of London SW1, has issued a High Court writ against Susan Fennell. The writ says Trusted is the sole proving executor in the last will of Eileen Muriel Trusted, late of Little Hoewyck, Fenhurst, Haslemere, Surrey, who died in August last year. Trusted is asking the court to pronounce for the force and validity of her will, dated 16 May 1995.

Writ issued by Kidd Rapinet, Haslemere. CH690

A Crawley man who claims his hip replacement implants are likely to cause degenerative changes to his bones is suing Swindon-based Zimmer. David Moore, claims in his writ that he has suffered personal injuries as a result of the supply of orthopaedic implants made and supplied by Zimmer, and, in particular, polyethylene sockets for use without cement in hip replacements carried out during treatment to him in 1985. The writ claims the company knew or ought to have known that the implants cause or are likely to cause degenerative damage to the bone.

Writ issued by TG Baynes & Sons, Bexleyheath.

A lodger whose landlady left him her entire estate is seeking a High Court order that the will is valid, even though the woman's daughter claims that it was made as the result of undue influence from the lodger, Robert Blair Reid. Reid lived at 20 Homersham Road, Kingston upon Thames, as a lodger from about 1970, in the home of the late Bianca Munton, who died on 22 February last year. According to the writ, they both made wills in January 1995, leaving their entire estates to each other, and appointing each other as executors.

Writ issued by Matthew McCloy & Partners, Newbury, Berkshire.

Chesterton International, Chesterton, and eight partners in Chesterton International are being sued for damages for negligence over a property valuation. Assured Close Care Centres has issued a High Court writ claiming damages for breach of contract, duty, and negligence over the valuation of a property in Eastbourne on 21 November 1990. The individuals being sued are Richard Delasalle, Alan Care, Richard Barker, John Owen, GDM Burcher, FD Dyer, JM Batsford and RD Brook.

Writ issued by Clyde & Co, London EC3. A2312