Litigation Personal Injury 01/04/97

Buck v Farrell – QBD 10 March 1997

Claimant: Samantha Buck, Incident: Road traffic accident

Injuries: Claimant suffered multiple fractures, lacerations to her face and major brain injury when struck down by motorbike as she crossed Northumberland Avenue in central London. Frontal lobe brain damage has left her permanently impaired and there has been severe damage to her short-term memory. She cannot be left alone and her personality has altered

Award: £775,000 (agreed damages)

Judge: Deputy judge Mr Crawford Lindsay QC

Plaintiff's counsel: James Badenoch QC

Plaintiff's solicitor: Thompson Snell & Passmore

Armstrong v Grenfell – QBD 10 March 1997

Claimant: Sarah Armstrong, 31

Incident: Road traffic accident

Injuries: Amputation of leg below knee while riding her moped after being crushed by spiked silage grab attached to front of a tractor. Artificial limb has been fitted

Award: £360,000 (agreed damages)

Judge: Judge Quentin Edwards QC sitting as Judge of High Court plaintiff's counsel: Richard Davies QC

Plaintiff's solicitor: Alexanders Easton Kinch

Coyle v Harrow Health Authority – QBD 17 March 1997

Claimant: Charlie Coyle, Incident: Medical negligence

Injuries: Child left permanently blind as a result of medical negligence after premature birth. Eyesight could have been saved if doctors had spotted, in time for effective treatment, signs of "incipient" condition afflicting some premature babies, known as retinopathy of prematurity. If the condition had been diagnosed within first 10 weeks of birth, the damage could have been stopped or minimised. Although eyes should have been examined every fortnight during first 10 weeks he was seen by eye surgeon only once

Award: £550,000 (agreed damages)

Judge: Mr Justice Ian Kennedy

Plaintiff's counsel: James Badenoch QC

Plaintiff's solicitor: Field Fisher Waterhouse