Around 50 barristers have formed the Bar Sports Law Group which aims in part to take games out of the courtroom and back on to the sports field.

A meeting at 11 Stone Buildings two weeks ago saw juniors and silks from a range of chambers discuss the goals of the organisation, which has been established in response to the rapidly expanding discipline of sports law.

“It was felt that the law relating to sport was developing so quickly and widely that there ought to be something to bring together barristers,” said group vice chair Kuldip Singh QC.

While the British Association for Sport and Law caters for lawyers as well as sports administrators, organisations and competitors, Singh said there was also a need for a focused group for barristers.

Group chair Murray Rosen QC said the inaugural meeting discussed how barristers could put something back into sport through the organisation of tournaments and charity events.

“There's no reason why anyone who benefits commercially or favourably from sport should say, 'that's good enough for me, I'm not putting anything back in',” said Rosen.

The group will also keep members up to date with the latest decisions and send representatives to sporting conferences.