It's been a good week for…

Immigration lawyers. Home Secretary Jack Straw is finally bowing to pressure over the excessive delays to asylum claims, appointing 600 extra staff and allocating u120m extra funds to the Home Office immigration department. About 68,000 asylum claims are expected this year, compared to last year's figure of 46,000.

Employment lawyers. An employment tribunal is deciding an unfair dismissal case involving a secretary who was sacked for spending her day surfing the internet. Charles Russell partner David Green is presenting evidence of a new psychological phenomenon called "internet addiction" and, if successful, the secretary will be able to make a claim under the Disability and Discrimination Act 1995, which allows for unlimited compensation.

Former England rugby captain Lawrence Dallaglio, who was fined u15,000 by a Rugby Football Union disciplinary hearing but is allowed to play for England in the World Cup in October, after admitting bringing the sport into disrepute. Dallaglio denies the News of the World's claims that he took drugs on the British Lions tour of South Africa.

Divorce lawyers. Children may be given more of a say during divorce proceedings, if the recommendations of a government report are followed. The report by Cardiff Law School and commissioned by the Lord Chancellor's Department, recommends that a counselling service be offered to children and their parents even during amicable divorces. Divorce lawyers and support services have often complained that the problems faced by children during divorce proceedings do not fully emerge.