Training, trainees and trainers

Associating Scotland with lack of exercise is a lazy cliché that Tulkinghorn is not about to repeat.

And there was nothing idle about a group of Balfour & Manson trainee solicitors who were put through their paces by Olympics hopeful and law student Lynsey Sharp.

Unfortunately for them, Balfour partner Andrew Gibb is a friend of the athlete’s family and helps sponsor her career, so the motivational event included cheesy publicity photographs (see above). Perhaps Gibb was hoping to head off that other overused truism about lawyers and drink.

His trainees were told by the 21-year-old runner: “When I see friends out partying I have to stay focused. That’s when I remind myself I’ll have my whole life to party, but I’ve only got a few short years to achieve my dream.”

Tulkinghorn could say the same.

Kick starts

Tulkinghorn recently name-dropped this week’s rugby-playing in-house profile star Karena Vleck as an example of a stellar lawyerly sporting figure and demanded to know who else is out there.

It was a clarion call that fell not upon deaf ears.

“Further to your appeal, Kennedys cannot boast any seasoned or out-of-season rugby players but one of our solicitors is a former pro footballer, Derek Stillie,” says the firm’s esteemed business development head Mark King.

Goalie Stillie, as readers will be aware, kicked off his career at Notts County before joining Aberdeen and later playing for Wigan Athletic.

And there’s more.

“Sir, further to your article, you may be interested in the fact that I not only played in the first-ever Oxford-Cambridge Rugby League Varsity match (at Fulham’s Craven Cottage ground) in 1981, I scored the first-ever points (a penalty) and as such have my name enshrined for ever more in that great literary read The History of Rugby League.”

That missive came courtesy of David Symonds, general counsel Emea at Tyco.

Tulkinghorn believes it only appropriate to continue with the sporting theme with another call to arms. Later this year, a New Zealand lawyers rugby team will embark on a northern hemisphere tour that will see it challenge reigning champions Scotland for the Lawyers Rugby World Cup, then head to Italy and France for more battles and finish off in London with a match against England.

Paul Watkins from the team is targeting Kiwi lawyers in the UK who would like to participate. So, if you fancy yourself up to the rigours of a game or two, get in touch at

Rocker switch

What a talented bunch you are. Tulkinghorn has learnt that Baker Botts lawyer Tim Davidson is not only a part-time DJ but also directed Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ latest video.

So, memo to Tim: Which is the most rewarding racket – pop music or law?