Steve Davis snookered by Manhattan prosecutors

Two experienced managers are certain to be feeling glum this morning.

Harry Redknapp, an inspirational wheeler-dealer who once seemed a shoo-in for the job as England football boss, is licking his wounds after finding out that he’s been overlooked for the position in favour of West Bromwich Albion gaffer Roy Hodgson.

And now Steve Davis, Dewey & LeBoeuf’s man of the decade, has been stripped of his role on the firm’s so-called office of the chairman after Manhattan prosecutors launched a criminal investigation against him.

Redknapp thought the way had been paved for him to take the job when a jury cleared him of tax evasion charges, but things didn’t work out so well.

Neither did it for Davis, who never quite pocketed Redknapp’s skills as a Del Boy, masterminding an expansion strategy based on guaranteed profit shares for senior hires that is widely seen as the cause of Dewey’s screw-back from the black into the red.

It’s certainly a big break for Hodgson, but whether Davis’ ousting is a cue for a Dewey revival is still to be seen. With the number of partner exits this year now hitting 75, it’s looking like more than just a game show.