Walker Morris goes head-to-head with Hammonds on DPA product

Leeds-based Walker Morris is battling it out with Hammond Suddards Edge in a pricing battle over the firms’ Data Protection Act (DPA) products.

A divergence in data protection product’s costs has emerged, with Hammonds charging up to eight times more than Walker Morris.

Hammonds charges £750 for its Dataedge product, which contains a hard copy and floppy disk of vital DPA information. Walker Morris charges just £95 for a CD-Rom and the cost is reduced if clients bulk purchase.

Patrick Cantrill, head of intellectual property and IT, says: “Ours is CD-Rom based while Hammond Suddards Edge’s is paper based. Also, our product is extensive as it advises companies on the DPA, employee surveillance, encryption, and CCTV.” The CD-Rom includes a tutorial, suggests code of practice, an email policy, the full technical law and a training video.

Hammonds offers a discount to those purchasing more than three of its products. The main components of its Dataedge product are a DPA overview, a compliance policy document, questions and answers, and information about data transferral outside the European Economic Area.

Hammonds’ enterprise and technology senior associate Jennifer Van Tiggelen says: “We have produced a lengthy document with six or seven performer agreements. We hope clients can save money by using this service and not having to attain advice from a lawyer, although they may need top-up advice.”