Singapore slingbacks

If the Honourable Michael Beloff QC wasn't getting enough stick already for regressing on his "present intention" to join set-of-spin Matrix Chambers for his former home at Blackstone, he is now getting it in the neck for his dress sense.

In a recent interview The Times, (20 April) Beloff's so-called friend Jeffrey Archer named Beloff as the public figure he pitied for his lack of taste.

There are those who would say that Beloff deserved it simply for being Jeffrey Archer's mate, but Tulkinghorn would say that as the delightful Jeffrey also holds the Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, as a dear companion, Beloff is in good company.

And style guru Jeffrey can certainly spot what's hot and what's not in the world of fashion, admiring the Singapore Airlines cabin crew for being rather well turned-out. Indeed, the female members of the crew have recently started sporting new footwear, which, according to the airline, "is a slingback with a chrome buckle" and "consists of practical but attractive designs consistent with the batik motif of the current sarong kebaya worn by our female cabin crew". Jeffrey certainly knows his Gucci from his Gabbana.