The Edge of reason

Ashurst corporate partner Andrew Edge was chatting to one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes the other day and telling her about his various experiences with the press.

One run-in in particular with a well-known national paper left him a little red-faced, he admitted.

Edge was approached by a journalist and asked for his views on the contraceptive pill being prescribed to girls as young as 11. Being careful to provide a politically correct, but fair and balanced, response, as befits such a highly regarded member of the community, Edge noted that the pill should be “readily available”.

Only to see his answer sensationalised the next day when he read: “Yes, 11-year-old-girls should be on the pill.”

Frankly, the fact that Edge was telling this tale to another hack after being so horribly wronged shows the man possesses an unshakeable faith in human nature. Either that, or he really does never learn.