Loyalty onus

News reaches Tulkinghorn that Daniela Baker, company solicitor for Honda UK, has enthusiastically embraced the concept of brand loyalty.

The in-house lawyer has not one, not two, but three Honda cars parked in her driveway. Indeed, with an option to upgrade or change her Honda car every six months, she’d be a fool not to take full advantage.

Baker’s current ride is the Honda Civic Executive, but she’s not stopping there. Tulkinghorn learns that the lawyer is in the process of obtaining a motorcycle licence, which will allow her to get her soon-to-be leather-clad hands on a Honda bike. No doubt the cars are parked next to a Honda-sponsored lawn that’s trimmed regularly by a Honda ride-on lawnmower.

Perhaps Baker has been influenced by her partner, who works… at Honda. Yes, Honda UK’s marketing manager is currently zipping around town on his own flashy Honda sports bike when he’s not in his own Honda Accord.

Tulkinghorn, meanwhile, uses a biro emblazoned with The Lawyer logo. He’s thinking of upgrading to a quill.