Gates swipes BLG team for Singapore outpost

Aviation specialist Gates and Partners has poached another two lawyers from Barlow Lyde and Gilbert (BLG) for its soon-to-be-opened Singapore office.

Gates and Partners lured BLG’s Singapore boss David Johnston less than two months ago and now the remainder of Johnston’s team has been recruited to join him.

Associates Peter Boys and Trudy Seow will join Johnston in Gates’ Singapore office when they finish serving their notice at BLG. The office is due to open officially later this month.

Gates and Partners senior partner Sean Gates said Boys and Seow were signed up for their individual reputations as well as their previous work with Johnston.

“They’re lawyers who’ve worked closely with the partner we’ve recruited, who’s highly regarded in the London market,” he said. “We knew Boys because we used to work with him and know Seow on the basis of her reputation.”

Gates said the firm decided to open an office in Singapore partly because that is where Johnston and his team were based, but also because of the legal system there.

“It happens to be the place where the partner and two associates we’ve hired live, but it’s also got a great legal system,” he said.

The firm is also hoping to expand the Singapore office in the near future.

“We believe this is an area with considerable potential for expansion,” added Gates.