Eversheds rolls out ‘Rapid’ disputes system to clients

Eversheds rolls out ‘Rapid’ disputes system to clients” />
Eversheds is offering the dispute management system it uses with DuPont, Transport for London and Capgemini.

The approach, known as ‘Rapid Resolution’, looks to ensure that Eversheds and in-house legal teams take the same approach to disputes, with the aim of driving down costs and giving the client more control.

Rapid sets out a formula for all clients to follow, which includes reviewing essential facts, analysing the best practical outcomes, planning strategies, implementing plans and delivering end results.

The client sets the standard for its company, then Eversheds’ lawyers move in to train the client’s staff in the Rapid approach.

Eversheds head of litigation and dispute management John Heaps said: “It’s clear that in-house teams and their external law firms can work better together in order to control the litigation process and show how proactively managing a dispute can be a real benefit.”

Heaps said that, by having all arms of a business working to the same legal standard, costs can be reduced, as cross-border disputes can be resolved more efficiently and quickly.

Eversheds claimed that the pilot of Rapid has been a major success, cutting legal costs by half. A typical 10-day trial costs an average of £250,000, but through early settlement this can be reduced to at least £125,000.

The firm also claimed that 90 per cent of all cases dealt with through this approach have been resolved out of court, while in cases where proceedings were issued more than three-quarters were settled before reaching court.