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Under cover

Following the demise of SIF, Aon Claims Solutions decided to second private practice lawyers rather than have its own in-house team. Fiona Callister finds out how the scheme is going The in-house dep-artment at Aon Claims Solutions was set up just over a year ago in the immediate run-up to the demise of the Solicitors’ […]

Moving experience

After spending 15 years at Nabarro Nathanson, Nigel Heilpern is off to Paul Hastings as UK head of property, and he just can’t stop talking about closed ended funds


You can put it down to the British attitude towards conspicuous success if you like, but there’s always been something about Olswang that irritates the hell out of the rest of the legal market. Maybe it’s that ad agency look.But with profits static and some fee-earners mysteriously disappearing, the gilt is rubbing off. What’s more, […]

Down to a fine art

An increasing number of law firms are collecting quality works of art to display around their offices. Richard Cree asks whether the right image can help motivate your staff The world of contemporary art, and in particular the headline-grabbing Turner Prize variety – all unmade beds, elephant dung and Blu-Tac – would on the surface […]

Case study: DMH

Art can play an important role within law firms as: A device for reminding people about the values and aims of the company A stimulus for creative thinking A visual counterpoint to ever increasing technology in the workplace An opportunity for educating and involving staff in art An opportunity to involve staff in their working […]

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