Paedophile victim sues LSC over ‘unmerited’ legal aid

A paedophile victim who was unable to recover compensation from her alleged attacker because he was granted legal aid is suing the Legal Services Commission (LSC) over the decision to award him the funding.

The victim said she was left having to pay legal costs of more than £111,000 for a successful private claim against convicted sex offender John Haughton. She has also not been able to recover her court-awarded damages of £32,293.

According to the claim the LSC awarded Haughton a “public funding certificate enabling him to pursue an unmeritorious defence at no expense to himself, but at the claimant’s expense”.

The claimant said Haughton, who was found guilty of attacking two other underage girls, should never have received the “shield of a public funding certificate” as he was unlikely to win.

The woman was unaware that he had been awarded public funding until after her three-day case against him concluded.