Special report: Scandinavia

Special report: ScandinaviaThe countries of Scandinavia have been affected to different degrees by the unfolding economic crisis, but all their lawyers are busier than ever.

The first report looks at Sweden, the financial centre of the Nordic market, whose government-led sell-off of state-owned entities looks set to dry up in the global liquidity drought.

The second report puts Finland under the spotlight, in particular Bird & Bird, which has merged with Helsinki firm Fennica to become the first foreign firm to enter the country since 1992.

In the third report we examine the chaotic situation in Denmark, where the nation’s 150-plus banks are struggling and lawyers have been working flat out to cope with the number of insolvencies –  often using hitherto untried methods of restructuring. The government’s well-known tight control of the financial system has also been severely rocked by the fallout from Iceland, whose investors own stakes in Danish businesses across nearly all sectors.

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