Stephenson Harwood tracks Porter’s millions

A Stephenson Harwood team acting for Westminster Council has emerged victorious in its battle to uncover millions of pounds of assets belonging to Dame Shirley Porter, the council’s former leader who was fined £37m last year for gerrymandering in the 1980s.

Dame Shirley fled to Isreal after being found guilty of gerrymandering in the “homes for votes” scandal. She claimed to be worth just £300,000 but Stephenson Harwood has uncovered assets worth millions and won freezing orders over these assets.

The firm has secured disclosure orders against Tesco Heiress Porter, her son John, and several companies linked to Dame Shirley that are based in the UK, the British Virgin Islands and Guernsey.

Dame Shirley was being advised by West End firm Jeffrey Green Russell until she decamped to Israel where she has retained a local lawyer.

Partner John Fordham is leading the Stephenson Harwood team acting for Westminster Council.