Martineaus suffers first partner loss

An equity partner has left Birmingham-based Martineau Johnson for the first time in the firm's history.

Joanna Lawson-King is to join Pinsent Curtis as a partner on 1 January 2000.

Her departure date has been set for 31 October. She joined Martineau Johnson from university nearly 20 years ago.

Michael Shepherd, Martineau Johnson's senior partner, says: “This is a first for us. It is a sign of an increasingly common trend for partners to take on a challenge by taking up new opportunities in their careers.”

Shepherd says such moves are a “daily event” in London and are becoming increasingly common in Birmingham.

“The profession is a much more dynamic environment now. Few people expect to remain at their firms their whole lives,” says Shepherd.

Lawson-King's clients will remain with Martineau Johnson, according to Shepherd.

He adds: “There are restrictions in our partnership agreement as there are at other firms. The departure has been negotiated between all of us and we are all extremely happy.”

Lawson-King is one of seven property partners at Martineau Johnson.